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Latest News

Grand Finale - Winter Dubai Adventure 2013

2013 was a successful year for all – Customers, Distributors, Leaders and the Company. We achieved many firsts. Sales hit record high. A Mega Star was born. We have record numbers of Mega Leaders, Top Leaders and Leaders. MH became a major income tax contributor to the host country government. An agency office was established to service the 28 EU countries. MH is now internationally-recognised through coverage in the prestigious online Business for Home and Obtainer magazines. While the Business for Home is available in the English language, the Obtainer is published in both the English and German languages. We now have more Mega women power than ever before.

The year-end event in Dubai was preceded by a special ‘Best Cooperative Agent Award’ presented to Mr. Mesut Opengin by Mr. Michael Cheng, MH Chairman, in recognition of the former’s steadfast support with strong sales growth to propel MH on to the international stage. The special award with ‘one man supporting another man on his back’ was specially brought in from Italy. Together with the award, Mesut was also presented with a one-carat diamond worth USD8,000.00

The grand finale of 2013 was the Winter Dubai Adventure 2013. It began with the Dinner & Award Presentation Ceremony on December 19 at the Saffron Restaurant, Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai. The 70 winners of the Top Elite Distributor 2013 Competition were treated to a sumptuous dinner and a 5D4N free accommodation at the 5-star Coral Boutique Villas set against the Arabian heritage environment and exciting tours to the (1) Ferrari World and Yas Water Park, (2) Hatta Mountain Safari and Dubai Desert Safari, (3) Burj Khalifa Tower, Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach and other attractions in ultra-modern Dubai. A crystal plaque token and a certificate of achievement were presented to each winner by the CEO Mr. Bon, and key top leaders Dr. Hedi, Mesut and Enes. Certificates of achievement were also presented by Teng and Foo to 37 achievers who reached Leader status.

12 Top Leaders and 3 Mega Leaders received their respective awards in the form of specially-designed pewter plaques from Mr. Michael Cheng, MH Chairman. The ‘Goldfish & Peony’ Pewter Plaque presented to the Top Leaders is a symbol of ‘unlimited wealth and prosperity’ and conveys the message of ‘peace, leisure and satisfaction’. The ‘The Four Gentlemen’ Pewter Plaque for the Top Leaders symbolises the 4 seasons and is represented by 4 different flowers (plum blossom, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum). Together they represent the ‘excellent qualities of a gentleman, i.e. courage, willpower, a cultured individual, pursuit of excellence, honesty and perfection’.

The last highlight of the night was the presentation of a One-Carat Diamond as a reward to Enes Olgun, the 1st Mega Star of MH, by Michael Cheng. The diamond is worth USD8,000.00. Enes remains the fastest achiever of Mega Star as well as the fastest achiever of the Mega Leader from date of joining. It would be interesting to see who will break his double records.

2014 promises to be another exciting year with the recently-announced Tropical Singapore Adventure 2014. In response to enthusiastic demand, the number of prizes to be won has been increased from 70 to 100. All customers are entitled to participate. For those who are not a customer yet, contact any MH distributor to purchase a web hosting package and be a part of the excitement at year-end 2014!


Internet is now an integral and essential component of our daily life, job, communication tools, economies and cultures. The growth of internet is phenomenal. By the end of June 2012, there were 2.4 billion internet users worldwide (, an increase from 2.3 billion in December 2011. Two of the most popular internet services (Email & Web) are used by millions of people worldwide every day. Businesses, governments, non-commercial organizations, scientific and academic institutions and individuals throughout the world have embraced it. Internet has changed the way business is run; provided easy ways to market products and services; inspired the creation of new enterprises (e-commerce) and made life easy everywhere and for everyone. Internet will affect mankind as deeply as did the invention of printing. Participate in the evolving modernization process or be prepared to be left behind with a life of mediocrity!

The Web is one of the many internet services. It provides an information space that enables information objects in the form of HTML files and files of photos, charts and other stored information to be located, retrieved and published for others to find and view. There are an estimated 156 million websites on the internet. This is the next internet target for rapid growth. Mega Holdings makes it easy for anyone to own a website at a minimal cost and without hassle. You can easily create and design your own website according to your taste and preference. You can then use the common internet services for communication, networking, and advertising. In time to come, one may be without a job without being able to create and design a website.


Have you heard of the Midas touch? When it is said that someone has the Midas touch, it means that he has the ability to turn whatever he deals with into value ... we want to reflect this in the people who come in contact with Mega Holdings as well... "

Michael Cheng, MH Founder/Owner
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